We have designed classes to suit your child's age group.

Age 3-6

Age 7-10

Age 11-15

Your child is finding fascination in everything. Let them explore creative boundaries in a space where every surface can be scribbled on.

Your child is finding joy in repetition and project work. Help them discover new themes or unleash their favorite ideas in different materials.

Your child is finding their creative identity and experimenting with mediums. Give them access to a vast library of artistic tools.

Price 50$ / month

Price 50$ / month

Price 50$ / month

Each course we provide can be split into three core principles 🍒

We equip each child with the tools and techniques to learn how to draw objects, animals, and humans in a way that is realistic to them. This is a powerful way for children to contextualize the world around them and show how they interpret their surroundings through art.

Principle 1: academic drawing
Principle 2: Creative Arts

This is our unique program based on exploring, playing, and simply having fun. Drawing with eyes closed, making collages, and finding unexpected ways to create art. It's vital for children to have an unstructured way to express their creativity.

Principle 3: Sharing experiences 

Public speaking is a valuable life skill that we believe every child should be empowered to develop. In our safe, creative spaces, we encourage students to share stories with others about their artworks and what has inspired them. 

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